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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  March 10, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PST

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an overnight shooting in oakland. what the girlfriend of the victim says the motive may have been for the shooting. a deadly accident. a sigalert is in effect. where and which highway to avoid this morning. and good morning. find out who is drumming up support for the second harvest food bank. that story straight ahead. well, we have clear skies for most right now, but a cold front is getting closer. also, a warning for uc berkeley students this morning after an assault on campus. what the victim did to get away. the morning news continues. good morning and thank you for joining us. thursday, march south. i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. >> let's check weather and traffic. >> thank you very much. we have mostly clear skies right now. but clouds are increase manage the north bay. rain is on the way there. is not a whopper of a system.
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but highs 50s 60s. there will be morning sun, peninsula, south bay and east bay. clouds rolling in, rain starts mid morning and by late this afternoon, should make it points south. but it will weaken considerably. all right. we have live above 101 in san mateo where chopper 2 has just arrived on scene there. is 1501 just south. and officials say a car was speeding and slammed into the sound wall. you can see all of the emergency crews onscene there. there's a yellow tarp and that is the body. at least two cars involved and a motorcyclist down. two lanes are blocked. looks like possibly three. the coroner should be arriving momentarily. and this could spell disaster for the morning commute. investigators are on scene and these lane closiers will most likely stay in effect for the next few hours. more coming up. al, this is a look at the -- also, this is a look at the san mateo bridge. a sign talks about the
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accident. probably want to avoid 101 today. use 280 if you can instead. 63:02. let's head to steve. this morning oakland police are busy, searching for the gunman responsible for a deadly shooting. it happened on 6th avenue and international last night. we have been talking to members of the victim's family. craig is back now. >> reporter: yeah, good morning. i spoke to the victim's girlfriend and her sister. they say they were getting out of that red car near the intersection of 6th avenue and international. and that the shooting took place down there in front of those lights. the motive appears to have been robbery. the woman identified the victim as a 33-year-old oakland man. his girlfriend and sister tell us that the gunman shot him in the arm. the sisters say they were coming to hang out at their mom's house. but two men immediately started to follow them to the door. just as their mom was
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temperature door, the men started speaking to them in spanish and indicating they were armed. the girlfriend ran for help. the two men robbed her sister and shot him. >> i say my michael, he holding her arm, i got shot. and he walk up, and my daughter hold him and he fall down. >> you're the only person he has. >> yeah, he has family cousin over here too. but no mom or sister and father in the mexico. >> reporter: the women say the two men exited the crime were standing in a group of five men when their car pulled up. the three other men ran away as soon as the two others went to approach their victims the. fatal accidently is hoping those men will come forward to identify their killer. more from the sisters coming up later on many the program. reporting live in oakland, ktvu channel 2 news. there's a warning this morning for uc berkeley students after a man exposed
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himself and assaulted a young woman on campus. it happened tuesday night on the pathway in the grove. now police say the man exposed himself to the young lady. they say he then grabbed her, touched her inappropriately and he ran off after she started screaming. now the suspect is described as an african-american man in his early 20s, about 5 feet 10 inches tall, weighing about 156 pounds. police say he was wearing a red baseball cap, blue jeans with a puffy black jacket. police say road rage may have led to a fatal stabbing. a 41-year-old was arrested yesterday on suspicion of murder. police say he got into a traffic related dispute with a man in a parking lot on old first street. that man was stabbed during the fight and drove himself to the hospital. that's where he later died. some of the ashes of a man that were stolen during his
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funeral have now been found in oakland. a thief ran off with the remains of him last saturday. they were stole finance the alter at the christ church. yesterday a man from oakland contacted the church saying he found some of those ashes. they were in a box left on 29th avenue just across from the park street bridge. police are still out there looking for a second box containing the rest of the remains. well, stomping out hunger. that's the plan this morning. we have this early morning event that is a real wake-up call. >> reporter: that's right. the national e sport called stomp -- national effort is called stomp out effort. and many people are familiar with, the troop stomp. ladies and gentlemen. [percussion beats ]
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>> encourage people to come down. >> reporter: my producer wanted to hear a little bit more. so we're going to go back. [percussion beating ] >> reporter: you guys, back to you in the studio. >> fantastic. all right. i guess we will hear more
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details. we were thinking ice, shaking it up. >> the great -- thinking rice, shaking it up. >> the great cause. we'll check back in a little bit. a fatal accident. we have the details. traffic, you there? traffic must be backing up at this point? >> reporter: yes, definitely. i could see that the traffic is backed up from south of doray avenue all the way to 92. we have one confirmed fatality and a sigalert has been issued. these are live pictures. it happened 101 northbound. now officials say a car was speeding and slammed into the sound wall. you can see it's call crumb 7ed up on the -- crumbled up on the scene. and a motorcyclist is down on the roadway. we believe that is the fatality. the coroner should be arriving shortly. and this could really spell disaster for the morning
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commute. investigators are onscene and these lane closiers will most likely stay in effect for the next few hours. again f you can use 280 instead of 101, that would be a good idea this morning. all right. the san mateo bridge, traffic not affected yet, but on the right-hand side there, the sign that says, that notifies drivers about tuberculosis accident. and like we said, the back-up all the way from the scene of the accident down to 92. so we could see back-up here on the san mateo bridge. let's head to steve. mostly clear right now. but systems on the way. clouds to the north. and that will bring in rain later on. sun in the morning hours. and by around noon, this front will be over san francisco, oakland, out to fair field. and then it will start to weaken considerably. but rain is on the way, especially for the north bay. and clearing and cooler by tonight. forecast model projection on the rain. ignore kind of the light green.
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it's the darker green. by 9:00 a.m., just now moving in near santa rosa. this is the forecast projection. by noon, you can see the system is lined up there, sacramento back to san francisco. so rain starts there. still waiting to get to the south bay though and may take until about 4:00 today. and it will fall apart as it does there. system has a little bit going to the north, much less south. but it will give us a cloudy day after morning sun. and then a piece of this system might move into the north bay on friday evening into saturday. but most of friday looks good. here's saturday. i'm not sold on that will right there. that would be towards the north. i think we're fine for saturday. but sunday, we start to cloud up there. we have changes. these systems are weak. they're just giving us light rain. nothing big or anything. maybe next week, but nothing in the meantime. to the south, clear. to the north, clouds increasing and there comes the system right there. and has a ways to go. and now just moving into lake
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county. not even here yet. 40s across the board. mountain view the warmest at 49. napa, 41. so a little cool for the morning hours. in the morning, fine if you're just stepping out. by late morn, the system sweeps in. the heaviest towards the north bay. and south, far, tar less. but we should get something out of this. the breeze will pick up as well. tomorrow looks good. clouds increase and rain starts if the north bay. sun towards the peninsula. south bay for some early morning hours and then after that, start to see the clouds are in. up ears for some. low 60s for many. and east bay, south bay and peninsula, mid-60s. mild side toward margin hill. but even with the sun, the clouds will roll in. clearing tonight and tomorrow looks good. saturday, morning sun. you're fine unless you're north. cloudy and rainy on sunday. showers on monday. governor brown has asked for state lawmakers to hold off
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on a vote originally scheduled for today on the special election to let voters decide on a tax extension proposal. now the governor is asking for more time to negotiate with the five republican senators whose votes he needs to get the tax extension on the ballot. >> we want to make sure that voters have all the right choices before them on the ballot if we get to that point. but it's not clear we're at that point. >> governor brown wants to let voters decide whether to help bridge the state's $26 billion deficit by extended taxes currently set to expire july 1st. oakland city leaders say spending cuts being proposed by republicans in congress would mean a loss of at least $15 million for the city. republicans are proposing cuts to the early childhood education programs known as head start, job training programs and various programs serving the homeless. oakland with a 16.5%
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unemployment rate and large population of low and moderate- income residence relice heavily on the federal funding. president barack obama very busy today. he and the first lady taking on bullies this morning. and why some bay area people are participating in that fight. caught on tape, trashing a business. what happened next to a city leader.
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we are on the scene, chopper 2 is on the scene of an accident here in san mateo. you can see that three lanes of traffic have been blocked off. a sigalert has been issued two. lanes are open for traffic to get by here. we have a motorcyclist down. we believe that is the person underneath the yellow tarp that you see there. and we have reports that that silver car to the right slammed into the sound wall. you can see emergency crews are on the scene. and as we pan back, we can show you that the back-up extends for several miles full away down to -- tall way down to 92 to the san mateo bridge. if you need to use 101, you might want to use cal train or perhaps 280 if you have to drive this morning. a nightmare. these investigator will definitely be on the scene of the accident for the next few hours. so this really has the possibility to snarl the
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morning commute for quite some time this morning. let's head back to the desk. >> before you go, can you say the location of where this is. >> sure. it's 101 northbound just south of doray avenue. near coyote point. in fact, initial reports said it was about a mile before you get to coyote point. and you can see a locality of people use -- see a lot of people use 101 to commute into san francisco. use mass transit if you can. and like we said, 280 is a viable option. maybe 92 into 280 and take that 280. >> all right. obviously a major local story. thank you. in other news, france has become the first country to formally reck mize the newly created interim governing counsel in libya. and today heavy fighting continues between the force loyal to muammar gaddafi and the anti-government forces.
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the head of the opposition government is asking for international help to immediately impose a no-fly zone over libya. in the meantime, the libyan government has sent envoys to egypt and greece trying to prevent foreign intervention. we're getting reports now of journalists covering the uprising in libya who have disappeared or who say they were detained and beaten by muammar gaddafi's forces. three b bc journalists say they were beaten for 21 hours. and also correspondents if air british newspaper have been reported as missing within libya. a controversial hearing gets underway in about 15 minutes looking atmos limb extremism. it-- looking at muslim extremism. >> reporter: pam, let's get to a live look at the house
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homeland security committee hearing room. security is tighter than usual because the chairman of the committee has been receiving threats including threatening calls from overseas. testimony gets underway in about 15 minutes. republican congressman peter king insists no one is going to be demonized this morning but he wants to examine why so many recent terror cases in the united states involve -- cases in the united states involve muslim-americans. >> two of them will be muslim- american, one is a african american whose son was converted to islam. and they'll describe the situation in their community. >> reporter: congressman king says the muslim community is not doing enough to help other police. but the jus disdepartment says tips from other muslim have been critical. congressman king his support for the irish republican army.
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critics are causing him of saying that the ira was a terrorists organization. we will have the latest for you here on the morning news. live in washington, d.c., ktvu channel 2 news. in just about an hour from now, two bay area authors will be at the white house taking part in a summit to start bullying. >> putting a stop to bullying is a responsibility we all share. >> now president barack obama and the first lady released this public service announcement on facebook ahead of the first ever white house conference on pulllying prevention. she and her sister were invited to be a part of the conference. they are from the bay area and they wrote a book about ending the cycle of bullying. the vice chairman of the economic development board has resigned after he was caught putting garbage in front of a store. he is seen on the video taking card board out of a city trash bin and taping to it the doorway of the computer doctor
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store on first street. reportedly he was angry about businesses that put material in city trash bins. but the store owner says all he put in the bins was card board. time is now 6:20. let's go back. major traffic problems. we're golden gate going to get details on. >> that's right. we have a fatal accident in san mateo. and we learned that they expect this to be cleared by about 7:15. so that is good news. chopper 2 as you can see is on the scene. the silver car to the right is the one that smashed into the wall. and if you look, there's a yellow tarp, we believe that is the motorcyclist who is down there. are emergency crews onscene. we have three lanes are currently blocked. that means only two lanes are actually getting through at the moment. and you can see how far this back-up extends, all the way to the 92 and beyond. we are definitely going to be monitoring this throughout the
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morning and we're hoping that that's not having an effect on the san mateo bridge which is a connector. but use 280 if you can this morning. it looks slow going here. you can tell there's a sign on the right-hand side that talks about the accident, letting commuters know. definitely avoid 101 this morning. all right. this is the bay bridge toll plaza where the metering lights have not gone on this morning. but a little bit of back-up into san francisco this morning. 6:22, here's steve. morning commute is fine. we have mostly sunny skies, clouds are increasing towards the north bay though and this will lead to rain, but or a not too bad. the system is not that strong. in between the morning and evening commute, rain moving in. you can see what's going on. there's the system. the rain still up around fort bragg. i mean, it's a couple hours.
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mid-morning for the north bay. 40s to mid- and upper and upper on the temperatures there. system is on its way. increasing clouds, although if you need to do something, the morning hours are best because by noon, the system will move in. we have a little bit of sun for a couple hours before the clouds start to thicken up and roll. in highs in the 60s or upper 50s. not much, cooler to the north. maybe on the mild side towards the south. saturday, looks okay. saturday should be okay. looks like more rain on sunday. >> thank you. in the last hour, the labor department reported the number of people requesting first-time unemployment benefits justed by 26,000. now that pushed the total number of 397,000 last week. making that report much worse than most forecasted. but continuing claims fell by
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20,000 to 3.77 million. time now 6:23. the san francisco misconduct scandal keeps growing. and how it's impacting the city's e fors to hire a new police chief. why facebook ceo's dog is making people in china mad.
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they'll not clear the scene of this accident for about another hour and then it may take time for it to thin out. live pictures from chopper 2. we were the first onscene here this morning. the accident happened just after 5:00 there. is 101 northbound near coyote point. that silver car you're looking at is one traveling at a high rate of speed according to the highway patrol and slammed into the wall. a motorcycle cyst down. that is the yellow tarp that you see there, we believe that is the body and the coroner should be arrival soon. we have three lanes blocked at that time moment. looks like two lanes of traffic are now being allowed through. the back-up extends for several miles, all the way down f we can pan over chopper 2, is
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panning over for me here. if you can pan all the way down to highway 92 here. you can see that it is grid lockdown to 29 and beyond. and we are see back-up on the bridge as well. chp is advising you to use 280 northerning. or if you can, possibly use mass transit this morning. cal train would be a good option. back to the desk. well, the police misconduct scandal is having a big impact on san francisco's search for a new chief. city leaders met last night to review, the two dozen remaining candidates. the police commission must decide the three finalist by next tuesday's deadline. however, the scandal is overshadowing that search. san francisco's acting chief says his department will be retraining officers, but he does not think police misconduct is a widespread
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problem. now last night's meeting came several hours after prosecutors dismissed dozens of additional criminal cases tied to the mississippi conduct scandal. in all, 57 cases have been dismissed in the past week. hotel surveillance video shows some of the controversial raids. seven officers and a sergeant are accused of raiding rooms without search warrants and then lying about their actions. facebook ceo's new puppy has his own facebook page. it's called beast is dog. everything you want to know about this little dog. however, some political activists don't like it. chinese and egyptian bloggers that are fighting oppressive governments say they've had their facebook pages shut down because they used pen names to avoid being arrested and. they are claiming that the dog is getting special treatment. time now 6:29. you will hear from a mom who turned her wanted son into the police.
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why she feels it was for his own benefit. homicide in oakland last night. and we're watching wall street. stocks will probably drop this morning on reaction to two big events overnight. we'll take you live to the opening bell.
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good morning. welcome back. we thank you for joining us here. i am dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. right to our top stories this morning. a terrible accident that's aif he canning the commute. >> -- that's affecting the commute. >> that's right. we have a terrible accident. it will not lift the sigalert until about 7:15 this morning. you're look at live pictures from chopper 2. we were the
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first onscene this morning. the accident happened just after 5:00. drivers say a silver car was speeding and slammed into a sound wall. you can see the motorcycle to the right of it and there's a body underneath the yellow tarp. we believe that is the body of the motorcyclist. the coroner is enroute. this is 101 northbound. and congestion extends all the way to highway 92. three lanes are blocked. these are live pictures as well. fresh ones that we just got. we are on the scene there. and we will be reporting live coming up. and we will look at more of your bay area traffic coming up. >> thank you. this morning police are search for you gunman responsible for a deadly shooting. it happened on 6th avenue and international last night. we have been talking to the victims, a long-time girlfriend and her family this morning. what have you learned? >> reporter: yeah, this
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girlfriend is the only person the victim had since he was here from mexico. and didn't have any family really. the victim's got out of a car that was parked over there. and then as soon as they got out, walked over here. and the shooting happened right down there. the motive appears to be robbery. the woman identified the victim as a 33-year-old oakland man. his girlfriend and sister tell us the killer shot him in the arm. police say he later died aat the time hospital. the sisters say they were coming to hang out at their mom's house b. this time when they got out of the car, two men started to follow them to the door. just as their mom was opening the door, the men started speaking in spanner and that's why they're not sure completely if the motive was robbery. and then they indicated they were armed. the girlfriend ran for help. the two men robbed her sister and shot him. >> i see my michael, he tolding her arm, i got shot.
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and walked up, and my daughter hold him and he fall down. >> reporter: you're the only person he has? >> yeah, he has family, cousin over here too. but the mom and sister and father in the mexico. >> reporter: now the sister's brother just got here last night. and when he got here, he ran into this news. the women say the men were standing in a group of five men. and when the car pulled up, three other men ran away as soon as the two others went to approach the victims the. family is hoping the three other men will come forward and help identify the killer. we're going to hear more from the sisters and their mom about what happened last night. well, police recaptured a young escapee from a juvenile detention center. oakland police give the credit to his mom for the arrest last
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night. she says she's been trying to find her son since he escaped from the camp one month ago. last night, she found him near 93rd after getting a tip. and she herself contacted police. >> i don't want him out here running the streets, losing his life. too many kids are losing their lives out here. and i'm not going focusing cover for him if he's out here doing wrong. >> she says she has not talked to her son since his arrest. it is 6:35. thank you. tonight the guardian angels will once again have troops patrolling the san francisco district. last weekend, they started the street patrols. police say the spike in crime in the mission is due to a war between two rival gangs. now the guardian angels will patrol the neighborhood tonight from 7:00 to midnight and throughout the weekend. our time is now 6:36. the stolen yellow car that
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belongs to a celebrity chef has been spotted in a couple of locations near the bay area, with you it's still not back in the hands to testify owner. the car was stolen early this week from a san francisco car dealership. since then, cameras caught the car going across the golden gate bridge early tuesday. it was also seen in san francisco around the yacht club. later today, students from low-income families will be able to sign up for free passes. a youth fast pass community clinic will be set up this afternoon at 16th and mission. now last week, the mta board approved the youth lifeline program. and this will provide about 12,000 students with free bus passes through june. organizers will be the the bay isocline and i can helping folks fill out applications. we want to go back over
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following this fatal accident. a big problem for the commute. >> definitely, the chp says it won't lift the sigalert until ability 7:15 this morning. if we could take a look at live pictures from the scene there. is chopper 2 showing you the back-up just after 5:00 this morning involving a silver car and a motorcyclist. the fatality is the motorcyclist. we were three lanes blocked, two lanes open to traffic and the back-up extends to 92. we are advising that you use 280 instead as an alternate route this morning. all right. let's head over to the bay bridge toll plaza where the metering lights are on. the back-up extending to the maze. finally, a traffic, slow going, but not too bad southbound towards san francisco. here's steve. >> thank you. well, here we go. a little bit of sun in the morning. clouds increasing in the north bay, but overall, the morning
6:39 am
commute is fine except maybe lake county. the system is coming in and it will weaken big time south of san francisco and oakland and fairfield. light rain is on the way. maybe something a little heavier toward the north bay, but not a lot. some sun in the morning and then clouds increasing. by noon, the system is producing rain in the north bay. cloudy with rain and then clouds will be sweeping all the way south. by tonight, this system will clear out south. it will weaken a lot. there it is. a dividing line on where the clouds are and no clouds at all. really not that much. for morning hours, things look good. the system is getting closer. you can see the tail end. anything over a half inch of rain and even the wettest locations in the north bay would be probably about the best you can get. around fort bragg starting to show up off the coast. you still have a couple hours to go before it makes it into the north bay.
6:40 am
now there could be degrees al head of it. -- drizzle ahead of it. the airport did dip to 39 before the clouds started to roll in. you can see how this is lifting up this way. and that really, the tail end just a continuous roll. a lot of clouds, more bark than bite unless up in the north bay. trace amounts to couple hundred hundredths. peninsula, south bay, maybe .50 towards the north bay. not a big system. clearing tonight and looks good for friday. clouds on the increase. rain starts in the north bay. and then fair to the south though. south bay for a while until probably after the noon hour. and then we will start to see the clouds and light rain make it. 50s or low 60s towards the north bay. mid-60s peninsula, east bay. also towards the south. and again towards the valley. some of these clouds will have sun for a while. and then the clouds will
6:41 am
arrival. clearing to want and tomorrow looks cooler. saturday morning will be all right. saturday morning, clouds roll in. rain arrival for everyone on sun. >> all right. san jose's mowned police unit won't be put out the pasture, at least for another year. an official announcement is expected this afternoon. supporters say they have come up with the money to keep the police officers on the horse back for the next 12 months. the budget crisis put the unit in open jerky. later today, san francisco's animal control commission plans to address the off leash proposal. now the golden gates recreational area wants to limit the areas that dogs can be off their leash. those opposed worry there won't be many places left for dogs to run free. well, newly discovered photographs of san francisco's taken right after the great quake of 1906. what is so surprising about them next.
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we are live on the scene.
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these are live pictures from chopper 2 on 101. an accident that happened northbound after 5:00 this morning. we have just learned from chp that there are actually two accidents here. this one involving a silver car that you see here there. is being towed away right now. this was the first accident that happened about ten minutes after 5:00. and then we are being told that a big rig and a motorcyclist were involved in an accident. that motorcyclist, that is considered a fatality. and we have a lot of back-up here on 101, extending all the way to the 92. you can see three lanes of traffic are blocked off. a sigalert has been issued. only two lanes are being let through. if you need to use 101 this morning, we would advise you not to. try to use 280 instead or take mass transit if possible. we think the sigalert will be
6:46 am
lifted around 7:15 this morning, but it will take time for things to pick back up again. again, try to avoid 101 northbound this morning. we have a reporter live on the scene. right now, head back to the desk. >> all right. and a quick look at some of the other top stories we're following. a controversial congressional hearing begins. lawmakers looking into the radicalization of muslim- americans. however, some muslims saying they're being unfairly target #- d. uc berkeley students be careful this morning after a man exposed himself and tried to assault a young woman on campus. the man ran away when the young lady start screaming. and governor brown wants state lawmakers to delay putting a vote on special elections in june. the governor says he is making
6:47 am
progress and he needs the five republican senators and he needs their votes. stomping out hunger. we have amazing entertainment that is for a great cause. >> reporter: that's right. the national e sport called stomp out hunger and drumming up support literally is a troop you might be familiar with. meet the members of stomp. [percussion beats ] >> reporter: we're inside the second harvest foot bank. they serve on average more than 200,000 people a month. this year, an 11% increase. and the bottom line is food banks need food year-round. and this year, the food bank is getting a little help from stomp. they're a unique percussion troop performing in san jose next month and this morning they are giving us a chance to see them a way we have never
6:48 am
they came in this morning and started creating beats from items right here inside the warehouse. and joining me this morning is michelle. and when you think of hunger, you don't necessarily think of stomp. but they're a part of the campaign. >> they are. and they're getting really onboard here. and all the money generated, if you put in the code hung her you buy tickets 5:00 dollars will come to the food bank. that will help us get produce. you can make sure that families right here are able to get the fresh fruits and vegetables they need. >> reporter: and you guys have a hard time in the hollywoods, there's such a need. >> we do. a lot of people don't realize that the need is year-round. but we are serving nearly 250,000 people every month right here. >> reporter: and it's wonderful that stomp gets to help out this morning. about an hour ago, they came in here. of course, if you purchase a ticket for stomp, $5 goes for
6:49 am
ten nutritious meals and that means you don't even have to pull $5 out of your pocket, it will come straight if the ticket price. and they'll be here the rest of the morning. reporting live. some republicans in congress will consider repealing the 2007 law that phases out traditional lightbulbs and requires replacing them with more energy efficient ones. nationwide, the new law goes into effect next january. but california has its own law that took effect this year. a half dozen color photographs shed new light and colors on the devastation in san francisco after the 1906 earthquake. they were taken by a renowned photographer who was experimenting with color photography in the early 20th century. they were unearthed by a volunteer at the signature sewn
6:50 am
-- at the smithsonian museum. the photographs have been donated to the museum. just found. >> fascinating. major, major sigalert problem. right now, what's happening out there? >> well, we just learned that these were two separate accidents that happened in san mateo this morning. crews just towed a silver car that slammed into the wall on northbound 101 at 5:10 this morning. you can see right there, getting ready to leave the scene. and then we had a motorcyclist and a big rig involved in a separate crash. you can see the motorcycle right there. and authorities are standing over the body with a tarp to make sure that no one can see it from the roadway. the back-up extends to 92. we are advising that you use 280 as an alternate route this morning. we will be there on the scene
6:51 am
live for you shortly with an update. all right. 880, you can see on the bottom portion of the screen, that's 880 northbound, stop-and-go, but it seems to have picked up again. the bay bridge toll plaza, the back-up to the maze. nothing unusual for the commute as you head into san francisco. 6:50, here's steve. >> thank you. some sun already, but clouds increasing to the north, a cold front coming in, but it's going to take most energy to the north bay and leave it right there. and we're going to have some low clouds ahead of that, but morning sun and then clouds, rain many the north bay after it gets south of the san francisco, oakland air. probably not too much left. by this afternoon, for a while, south bay some sun, peninsula as you saw, but clouds on the way and starting to thicken up. friday and saturday looks fine and then rain back in on sunday. the system is beginning to spin in higher clouds.
6:52 am
the rain is on its way this is a really weak system. the farther north, a good rain along the north coast. but for us, just off now the coast, the rain still has a ways to go. you'll be fine for the morning hours. 40s to low 40s, mid-40s, up 40s. but a couple of up 30s. you can see the system, not a lot to it. just, it's just going to sweep through and out of here by this evening. and by the time it makes to it the southern end of the peninsula, south bay, not hardly anything left. maybe .50 in some of the wettest locations, but south of that, a trace. not a lot left. for a while, if you need to take care of anything or play tennis if the morning, do it next hour too. if you're not in the north bay, you should be okay. 38 to 50. 52 to 56, cloudy, rain moves into the north bay. and what's left will move
6:53 am
south. 48 to 64, but it's going to take a while. the clouds are on the increase. rain mid-morning north bay and everyone around noon, not a lot left. friday looks good, cooler, saturday fine. clouds to the north. sunday, rain moves back in. thank you. this morning, avenue and international, the commerce department announced the u.s. trade deficit jumped by more than 14% in january. that's nearly $5 billion more than most analysts expected. combine that with what happened overnight in china announcing its trade imbalance and you have a down market. live look at the big board. the dow off 160 points. a lot of other disappointing news coming in this morning. that's not helping anything. well the plans for a new san francisco bowling alley end up as a gutter ball? why the opposition is growing in south beach, even as bowlers
6:54 am
make plans to lace up their shoes. last night's standouts on "american idol" and why the judges say now the competition has really started.
6:55 am
6:56 am
6:57 am
the accident in san mateo should be clear within the half hour. that's when the sig alert should be lifted. this is near dore ray accident the coroner is on the scene. use 280. let's head back to the desk. the plans for a new bowling alley and lounge hasn't will be a big hit with neighbors. it would be called lucky strike. supporters say it would inject night life in the south beach neighborhood. but other residents say it will cause too much noise and traffic on their streets. >> concerns for smoking and fights. crud control is an issue. >> i think it -- i don't see it being a problem. >> the ceo is offering on site
6:58 am
security to discourage people from hanging around. >> tonight the first of the 13 "american idol" finalists will be voted off the show. last night contestants took on songs and most were a huge hit, including one that got rave reviews. judge jennifer lopez said it's impossible to pick a front run are. now the public gets to weigh in and we find out who america is rooting for, not before a fan favorite, adam lambert. you can watch all the action right here bang tonight at 8:00 -- beginning tonight at 8:00 p.m. then i'll get to talk to the first person to get eliminated.
6:59 am
that will be tomorrow morning. coming up, a story we've been following, a fatal didn't on 101, major accident on the peninsula. our crew is on the scene. also, a street robbery turned deadly. we're going to hear from the grieving girlfriend of the young man who was killed. stay with us.


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